Book of the Month: Disciplinary Tales 3

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I’ve been sorely missing DJ Black ever since Voice in the Corner went dark a few months back.  I was therefore thrilled to see that LSF have just released another collection of DJ’s stories in Disciplinary Tales Issue 3.  I enjoyed the chance to get reacquainted with some of his earlier stories.
From the publisher: 
This issue of Disciplinary Tales features the following stories:

The Schoolhouse on the Prairie: When twice-widowed Louise Stepford hears that her daughter has been spanked by teacher, Jonathon Redmond, she is incensed and heads straight for the school. Seeing her daughter’s reddened bare bottom on display she flies into a temper, slapping Mr Redmond across the face. Moments later, though, she finds herself over his knee getting the same treatment as her daughter. She is even more surprised when Mr Redmond asks to spend the following Sunday with her…

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous: 18-year-old Susie is in big trouble when she is caught sneaking home in the early hours. Her father promises her a spanking the following morning and the next day her bare bottom is soundly slippered. Things go from bad to worse when her punishment continues in front of her friends, and it seems one of them has posted a video of her spanking to YouTube. Or could it all be a dream?

The Unspankable in Pursuit Of the Unseatable: Roberta is out for a ride on her horse when she encounters John, a no-nonsense man who threatens to spank her when she sasses him. After striking him with her riding crop he takes her over his lap for a good hard spanking, which it appears is exactly what she wanted all along.

Personal Trainer: Kate’s personal trainer is not at all happy with the effort she’s been making and has her perform exercises in public, naked from the waist down. He then makes her run home similarly attired. Once back in her house she is spanked at the foot of the stairs.

The Special Section: It’s the time of the Second World War and discipline in the Women’s Royal Naval Service is tough. Not only are the Wrens disciplined by their male officers but by the women officers as well. But women officers too, especially those who make as many mistakes as Marion, soon find themselves lining up with the others for a jolly good spanking.

Over the Moon: Carly had been caught halfway up the cliff by her husband, David, where she’d been looking for gulls’ nests. Dragged back to their cottage, she is pulled over David’s knee and spanked to tears before being made to stand in the corner. Later, however, she hands her husband the cane…

Spanked Public Schoolgirl: The two girls meet on their first day at college but it soon becomes apparent that Camilla is the one in charge. When her friend struggles and starts to get bad grades, Camilla threatens her with a spanking and it’s not long before she’s spanking her on a regular basis. However, it turns out that Camilla is also spanked at home by her father.

Available from LSF

2 thoughts on “Book of the Month: Disciplinary Tales 3

  1. Sorely missed, indeed. Good old LSF is a stopgap, but it’s the regular fresh material that we were so spoiled by.
    I wish you had more time to give us your own imaginitiive and involving stories. Some sequels would be good (for instance I would love to hear more about the couple who met in the coffee shop where the sunlight streamed through the window)

    1. Hi Giles-

      Yes, my mornings aren’t the same anymore. I had fallen behind on reading DJ’s posts for the last months he was active though, and have saved his last stories in my inbox. . . something special for when I need a boost.

      I hate to admit that the story you reference isn’t ringing any bells. . .I’ll need to do a bit of a search to find it. Will consider a sequel, but can’t make promises- such things tend to be unpredictable. I’ll give it a go though!

      And yes, I know I’ve fallen rather behind here of late- planning to post something of an explanation before the weekend is through. Lots of fun here lately, and a new adventure. Don’t worry though- this site isn’t going away, and I do plan to keep writing here- with renewed focus if on a somewhat slower schedule.

      Always appreciate your comments!


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