Today marks the fourth anniversary of Acknowledging Imperfection. It has been a busy, chaotic, and wonderful year- if an abnormally quiet one here.  CLASS has eaten much of my time, energy, and sanity- though it is a monster I am quite happy to feed!  The above has become a fairly typical scene in my scene in my sitting room (thank goodness my vanilla friends tend to meet me in the pub rather than calling over for tea!).

I have so many stories to tell- both the real ones of diving deeper into my local scene, joining the crew for Libertine, running my first munches and play events, and plenty of play in between- and the not-so-real ones knocking around my head.  Looking forward to having more time to get back into writing once handing over the CLASS reins next month to the not-so-gentle Brian some of you may recognise from the comments section.  Many thanks to him for taking on the role and letting me get back to some of the things that have been let slide. . .like finding my carpet. . .

9 thoughts on “Four

  1. PS. I am getting no pictures on your index page – just when I click on the link. Have you change the settings or is this a glitch? 😉

    1. Thanks! Yes, I’ve been twiddling- trying to make the archives a bit easier to sift through per request, and the missing images was a side effect of the place I left things when I got frustrated and stormed off to the pub 😉 Think I’ve sort of fixed things now- not perfect, but better.

      Not truly back properly yet- need a few more weeks for handover things, but full service should resume by autumn.

  2. Add my name to the list … of those happy to see you posting again. 😀
    3 cheers to Brian for the promised release, allowing your creativity to bloom again. “I have so many stories to tell. …” and you have readers looking forward to them. Have fun, Kia.

  3. As to what I will do kia. I will have to soundly spank you anytime CLASS gets me annoyed or frustrated.

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