Non-Fiction Book of the Month: Perv

Though it touches only lightly on spanking and BDSM in general, I found Jesse Bering’s Perv to be a fascinating book.  A whirlwind tour of sexual deviance is anchored by historical context, anecdotes, and scientific studies. Most significantly for me, though, was the juxtaposition of morality-based reasoning with harm-based reasoning. The book delves into areas that I wouldn’t otherwise go, providing opportunities to consciously witness and observe my own judgements and their sources.  As such, it was a challenging read, but one I am thankful for.

From the publisher:

“You are a sexual deviant. A pervert, through and through.” We may not want to admit it, but as the award-winning columnist and psychologist Jesse Bering reveals in Perv, there is a spectrum of perversion along which we all sit. Whether it’s voyeurism, exhibitionism, or your run-of-the-mill foot fetish, we all possess a suite of sexual tastes as unique as our fingerprints—and as secret as the rest of the skeletons we’ve hidden in our closets.

Combining cutting-edge studies and critiques of landmark research and conclusions drawn by Sigmund Freud, Alfred Kinsey, and the DSM-5, Bering pulls the curtain back on paraphilias, arguing that sexual deviance is commonplace. He explores the countless fetishists of the world, including people who wear a respectable suit during the day and handcuff a willing sexual partner at night. But he also takes us into the lives of “erotic outliers,” such as a woman who falls madly in love with the Eiffel Tower; a pair of deeply affectionate identical twins; those with a particular penchant for statues; and others who are enamored of crevices not found on the human body.

Moving from science to politics, psychology, history, and his own reflections on growing up gay in America, Bering confronts hypocrisy, prejudice, and harm as they relate to sexuality on a global scale. Humanizing so-called deviants while at the same time asking serious questions about the differences between thought and action, he presents us with a challenge: to understand that our best hope of solving some of the most troubling problems of our age hinges entirely on the amoral study of sex.

As kinky as it is compassionate, illuminating, and engrossing, Perv is an irresistible and deeply personal book. “I can’t promise you an orgasm at the end of our adventure,” Bering writes, “but I can promise you a better understanding of why you get the ones you do.”

6 thoughts on “Non-Fiction Book of the Month: Perv

  1. Oh no cute sheep on the book cover!
    Think pure thoughts dammit…er er……repentance…. Er …sin …discipline… Mother fixation… Sheep..more sheep…

  2. Not sure I accept the label of ‘pervert’ although doubtless some would tie that one on. Is anyone a pervert? Too deep a question for me

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