Hanging In There


Has it really been nearly a year?  Apologies for letting the cobwebs accumulate- and for letting a few of the cosmetic features expire and go a bit wonky here of late, if anyone had dropped by recently. I *think* things are back to normalish now, at least here. (please let me know if not!)

It’s funny how even with everything cancelled one’s mind still finds ways to be busy- despite barely leaving the house I still feel behind on all sorts of things. If it weren’t for a good friend who somehow managed to sound toppy over email, I’m afraid this update (and anything subsequent) may have been even more delayed.

There has been not much spanking her of late (self-spanking just doesn’t cut it), and therefore not much to write about. What content I can post here in near future will likely be more general-BDSM oriented (as in the above from an atypical Valentine’s celebration from just before everything went mad) or, if I can straighten them out, thoughts on how my perception of and desire for spanking has changed of late. Time alone has the benefit of allowing for more uninterrupted introspection. Hoping it leads somewhere coherent enough to post!

In the meantime, stay healthy!



4 thoughts on “Hanging In There

  1. Hi Kia. Thanks for that “proof of existence” (old life insurance term)
    Instead of email, is there a way you can take advantage of video calls ( skype, whatsapp, whatever)? If nothing else, you could exercise your fertile imagination to work up a story using that concept 🙂
    Stay Sane

  2. Thanks all 🙂 Yes, I do still exist!

    There’ve been video calls aplenty here- including some truly remarkable workshops (I’ve become reliant on kink events to set my schedule, so I’m glad this can continue somewhat in a virtual format!)

    As for stories- always plenty of ideas, and never seems to be enough time to finish.

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