Logical Consequences

Mary hissed as she sat down, drawing questioning looks from her three friends. “Alright, I may as well ‘fess up, since I’m clearly not going to be able to keep this a secret. Brad found out about our little shopping spree and was less than impressed. Let’s just say he took his displeasure out on my bottom last night.”

“Count yourself lucky- at least your husband doesn’t use a cane like mine does whenever I do something like this.” Louise said, blushing as she realized she’d just outed herself as well.

Kelley shifted uncomfortably before adding her confession, “At least I’m not the only one. This is the first time I’ve been able to sit down since my husband gave me 10 swats with the paddle last night.”

“Only 10? My husband gave me 20!” Helen blurted out before realizing she, too had revealed her secret.

“I don’t know. Frank is such a softie, I doubt it hurt you that much.” Louise said wistfully. “Though I’m glad I’m not married to Thomas. No offense, but he scares me more than a little; I’d hate to cross him!”

“I don’t know,” Helen countered, “have you seem the size of the belt he wears? Believe me, it’s not just his hips he wears it on. At least I’m lucky he doesn’t spend half the time in the gym that Andrew does- I can only imagine how much more it would hurt if he did!”

“Hmph,” Mary snorted after Louise whispered something in her ear. “I don’t know what you’re complaining about. I think my husband was far harsher, but let’s put it to the group. What sounds worse to you- six with the cane or twelve with the slipper?”

As the group debated, Marry went back up to the counter to get a refill on her coffee. While offering her the pitcher of cream, the barista leaned over and whispered with a wink, “While I’m glad you all are getting along and have enjoyed sharing your secrets, you may wish to be a bit more discrete. I’ve overheard enough to deduce who gave each of you how many strokes with what.”

Can you?

For those fortunate souls whose parents didn’t ruin their ability to have normal social lives by sending them to math camp, instructions for solving this kind of puzzle can be found here.


10 thoughts on “Logical Consequences

  1. That is too stinkin’ cute. The story and the game! I used to do those all the time when I would buy big puzzle books. You are too clever.
    I would blush doing this puzzle. Especially since my hubby gives me quite a few of these types of sessions too.

    Hugs, Kerrie

    1. Well, I certainly blushed writing it, so I suppose that’s fair. These were some of my favorite puzzles when I was younger too (and. . .seeing as it’s just us here, I’ll admit they still are!). The potential to merge these two interests was too tempting to ignore 😉

  2. I died laughing when I read the last line. I haven’t seen one of these since high school or college. Now all you see are those dumb Sudoku puzzles.

    I got one question, did you make it from scratch or follow the outline of another puzzle? If you made it from scratch, good for you. If not, good for you. 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂

      Made this one from scratch. The biggest challenge was writing something that was amusing rather than just a puzzle (because if anyone came here for puzzles, they’ve clearly gotten lost somehow). The puzzle itself isn’t too complex, though that wasn’t really the goal.

      I liked Sudoku puzzles for a while (about 15-20 years ago- I think they were just called “number places” at the time), though they do get repetitive. These, however, still hold a special place in my heart. I may have a book or two lying around even now. . .

      1. Well you did an excellent job.

        I though would love to see the look on someone’s face who stumbled here looking for a puzzle. It would definitely be one of those MasterCard priceless moments.

      2. Thanks again 🙂

        I do wonder about the reactions of those who end up here accidentally. Then again, I first stumbled onto a spanking site when researching for an Irish history class, so who knows 😉

      3. One of the lectures referenced caning (and clearly wasn’t referring to the process of making furniture), which I didn’t understand at the time. I was remarkably ignorant- I’d done the typical “look spanking up in the dictionary” thing, but never really branched out from there. Being a good little student, I Googled the term later that evening. Thankfully my roommate was out for the night because that was quite the learning experience!

        As a side note- I remembered that I had encountered the term several years earlier, written in a story I’d read in a different class. However, I read the term as “canning,” which was probably more traumatic than had I known what it really was (any way you interpret it, canning would be a horrid punishment).

  3. Yes, it is most humble, and humiliating to be told to fetch a spanking implement, as this naughty woman who is pictured in this photo. I always love it, when I tell a naughty woman, “Fetch the cane, my dear”, I am sexually and erotically aroused by these words of mine to her.

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