The Interview

‘Sophia Elyse,’ the paper proclaimed in curling letters across the top. Underneath was a concise description of her credentials, both professional and those pertaining to this particular meeting. She had listed the papers she had published along her career as a sociology student, as well as a detailed list of the research she had performed to an almost equally academic standard on consensual corporal punishment. He appreciated the thought that had gone into it, but wasn’t quite sure what to make of the whole thing.

“Is something wrong?” she enquired.

David looked up from the soft pink paper to the girl seated before him, still perplexed by the contrast. The paper she had handed over, with it’s flowing script and subtle scent, was the only thing soft about her. She sat so straight it seemed as though she must be wearing a corset, though that would be at odds with the rest of her image. Her hair was drawn back into a bun so tight it seemed to stretch her face, giving her a very sever look. Her clothing did nothing to take the edge off her image. The black pencil skirt and white blouse seemed more appropriate for a concert musician or perhaps an office worker than a graduate student.

“It’s nothing, I’m just never been handed a resume at an introductory meeting before.”

“It seemed appropriate,” she replied, “you did say the first meeting would start with an interview.”

David rubbed the bridge of his nose. He wasn’t exactly frustrated. It was more like amusement, though he could hardly tell her that. Each of the girls who came to him for discipline had their own unique reasons and circumstances, but he could safely say that Sophia stood out from the rest. The first meeting was usually rather stilted; it took a while for many of the girls to be comfortable with him to the point where his style of mentoring could be received and effective, but never before had a girl treated the occasion with such formality. He was about to explain, but one look at Sophia’s earnest expression told him that this was not the time. Although she projected an air of confidence and seemed well put-together, even he could tell this shell was hiding a core that was far less secure. It took courage to come to him, he knew, and the next few minutes would need to be handled very delicately if her courage was to have a chance of paying off.

“Why did you come here?” he asked, keeping his expression neutral.

“I could benefit from greater discipline,” she replied, sounding as though the line was well rehearsed.

Again, he struggled not to show his amusement. The girl sitting before him appeared to be the poster-child of discipline already. Sure, he could help her. Not in that particular manner, but it was far to early to let her in on that little secret, at least not directly. Instead, he probed again, “That much is clear from your presence in my office. Why do you feel you need discipline?”

For the first time, Sophia stalled. True, she had suspected she would need to make some sort of confession to her disciplinarian, but hadn’t thought in any great detail about what that would be. Every time she rehearsed the encounter in her mind, he had somehow just known why she deserved to be punished.

Taking a page from her book, he approached the subject directly. “It seems your grades are excellent. You have excelled in your program and have had no trouble funding your research. Your list of publications is quite impressive. You even have a well-rounded set of volunteer experiences. Even today, you showed up fifteen minutes early, immaculately presented, and well-mannered. What exactly is it you want me to do?”

Again, his question was met with silence and slight fidgeting on Sophia’s part, as she mentally cast about for an appropriate response.

Taking pity on her, David continued, “Perhaps this first time we can skip that part and move on to the next phase of your introduction. I’m assuming you’re still interested in the punishment aspect of the arrangement we discussed?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied almost eagerly.

“Very well, stand up and let’s get you ready.”

She popped up, relieved at the opportunity to end the awkward conversation, and all but threw herself across the large, sturdy desk that seemed much better suited for this sort of encounter than for a work surface.

“Oh no, not like that.”

Sophia rose and blushed, equally embarrassed at her mistaken assumption and dreading whatever sort of preparations he had in mind. She had been hoping for a simple, almost detached paddling, or perhaps a strapping if she managed to seem particularly incorrigible. It would be something she could accept with dignity, though part of her knew she needed something else.

“I’m sure we’ll have you in that position eventually, but I had something more personal planned for today. Come here.” The tone of his voice gave her no option but to obey. She strode to his side and he efficiently undid the zipper of her skirt and helped her step out, quickly tipping her over his knees, her upper cheeks still reddening. Before she could protest the loss of her garment or the childish position,  he quickly laid several firm swats on her proffered bottom as she struggled to stay still.

He smiled as she started to squirm, knowing that he was starting to break through her shell. The lost of her skirt had helped, though it was more than just a physical barrier that he needed to break. He continued spanking until he felt her commit more fully to her position, relaxing even as she continued to twist on his lap.

She still appeared graceful and controlled, he remarked to himself as he struck her harder.  A powerful feminine aura surrounded her despite her position, despite her quiet moans and not-so-subtle jolts each time his hand descended, and despite the tension that still clung to her like an early morning fog. Even that had a certain beauty, both in itself and in the anticipation of what it may reveal when it finally lifted.

Pausing for a moment, he slipped his fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them down to her knees.

“Noooo!” she started to protest.

Keeping his voice carefully steady to hide his smile, he replied, “What is it now? You’re already in a rather compromising position, I’d think this is not all that much worse.” He didn’t give her a chance to respond  before resuming the spanking. Gradually, she gave herself fully to the spanking. After a few moments she became quite vocal, though the sounds she was emitting could hardly be described as a coherent argument. Even now, he was still taken by her beauty, perhaps even more so now that the shell had begun to crumble and fall away

When he had taken her as far as he deemed appropriate for a first encounter, he helped her up to a sitting position. She turned away to hide her tears, but he caught her chin and held her in place.

“No, the crying is part of the experience. You’re doing wonderfully, don’t draw away now,” he encouraged. She rested her head against his shoulder as her tears continued to flow.

“This perfect image,” he went on gently, “it won’t work here, and it won’t work in the real world. You can have all the answers and follow all the rules. You may go far professionally, but you’ll miss a lot along the way. Before you can truly relate to anyone you will need to learn to show humility, to not be afraid if your faults occasionally show through. It’s much more fun interacting with a real person than a walking encyclopedia.”

She nodded her understanding as she raised her head. Even overlooking the lack of clothing below the waist, her flushed cheeks and mussed hair were a marked contrast from her appearance at the beginning of their meeting.

“You have an assignment for next time.” he said as she began to reassemble herself.

“What is it?” she asked. This was something familiar, something she could understand.

“Next time you come here, I want you to let your hair down a bit, literally if you want. Wear something comfortable, and we’ll talk about you. Not your career or your plans, but just about you. Can you do that?” he asked.

Taken aback, she nodded slowly as she turned to leave. She’d certainly had no idea what she was getting into when she’d come here.

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