Good Girls, Bad Girls

I remember being terrified of getting into any sort of trouble. At school, there were the good girls and the bad girls. The good girls with all the extra freedom and responsibilities and the bad girls who were kept under a close watch. The good girls who spent their afternoons at practice for this thing or the other and the bad girls who that spent their afternoons in detention. The good girls who were quiet and reserved and the bad girls who had all the fun.

I was one of the (annoyingly) good girls, and desperately wanted to keep it that way. If I were to put one toe out of line, I feared that I would be shunned into that other group. Nothing could possibly be any worse.

In ways, this was beneficial. My grades were excellent, I kept out of any sort of legal trouble, and was an asset to any school team that didn’t involve physical coordination. However, in some ways, this also made me a rather boring kid (as my mother and I agreed later in a frank discussion after a few drinks).

One of the things I like about spanking is the license to be a little bit bad. One can have a bit of fun, maybe screw up a little, and it will be ok. Painful, but ok. Sure, I will still try to be good, but without the paralyzing fear that would otherwise keep me from being spontaneous.

In the spanking community, one isn’t seen as defective because one earns a spanking, nor is there any special status for infrequent spankees. We’re all just people doing our best, taking risks, and paying the price. If Karen gets spanked about once a month while Katie earns herself a spanking nearly every day, I wouldn’t think one is a better person (or a better submissive) than the other.

If everyone is happy and getting the amount of spanking they need, then that’s all that matters.

7 thoughts on “Good Girls, Bad Girls

  1. I’m a real fan of the good girl getting taken in hand scenario. Not because she’s been bad but because every once in a while every girl need to be called on her behavior instead of being given a break because she’s normally so good.

    And maybe if she’s good all the time, she needs higher standards to work toward. We neglect good girls by letting them build up to much of a surplus of good behavior.

    Your thoughts fit real well with a scenario I like to think about from way back when I was in school. Good girls often helped out in the office. Left alone for a bit in her final semester, she sneaks a peak a the principal’s infamous paddle. He suddenly walks into the office….

    1. Wisdom and a delicious snippet- thank you for a truly lovely comment!

      “every once in a while every girl need to be called on her behavior instead of being given a break because she’s normally so good. . . We neglect good girls by letting them build up to much of a surplus of good behavior.”

      I love this sentiment- it’s exactly what I was trying to get at, though it took me many more words. There is a certain liberation to being judged by the specific incident in question rather than one’s history- it opens the door for change, learning, and guidance.

  2. To that end, I would modify the sign worn by the girl in the picture:

    “A good girl who forgot herself”

    or perhaps,

    “A reminder for a good girl.”

  3. Yes, good girls with bad habits always need to be corporally punished on their bare bottoms. A good caning would be appropriated. Such as ‘six of the best’, or more strokes.

  4. I’ve written stories about older children in group living situations where the house mother/dorm monitor places the *child*/ward on display with an appropriate printed tee shirt or sign describing the offence to serve as a an example/ warning for the other as well as prolonging the agony of the miscreant. Nothing cowed me more than being told,”the next time it will be in front of…”

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