The Look

Never tell a man that with a simple look he has power to make you stop what you are doing immediately and get very still and squirmy. No matter how good, kind and noble he may seem, no man deserves to wield that kind of power. He will likely abuse it when you’re having a harmless laugh . . .that just so happens to maybe be at his expense.

4 thoughts on “The Look

  1. No need to tell. The sudden quiet and your self-consciousness speaks volumes.

    It is most delightful when discovered in a girl whom you would have never suspected being susceptible.

    1. An unusual way to test the waters perhaps, though I can personally vouch of its effectiveness!

      (not sure if that’s a good thing. . . seems it might give far too much away)

      1. Reveal, perhaps, but, having teased the girl out into the light doesn’t mean she’s there for the taking. There is, after all, a woman chaperoning always who is the final arbiter of suitors.

        Not to mention, if you look for girls instead of conquests, you discover so many underfoot. Few, if any, you’ll ever see more than a glimpse of, but one can delight in their fleeting company.

        And, even is she’s immediately snatched up by her chaperone and tucked away, I like to think the girl slips back into her slumber with the pleasing thought, “He saw me. He really did.” This can be especially delightful with older women where the girl hasn’t been out in public for so very long and you feel you’ve received and given a gift. Perhaps to a perfect stranger…

      2. It can be very liberating (after the embarrassment) to let one’s inner girl out to play with someone safe- even if only for a few moments. 🙂

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