There is something special about bedtime.  We are preparing for sleep, surrounding ourselves with things that are comfortable and safe to watch over us while we are away for the night.

It is also a time for reflection, a time to review the day in all it’s glory and mess. To make an accounting and make resolutions for the next day.

It seems a perfect time for penance. A time when we are vulnerable, clothed in the thin things we would never dream of wearing outside, entering the most private place in our home.

It is a time when the day has worn us down and now- finally- as we let go of the tension and the fight we might maybe be willing to admit that we were wrong- and if you push it, then yes, we might maybe admit too that we deserve this.

So we will allow the break in the nightly routine to accept the chastisement. Or maybe this is the routine- a gentle or not-so-gentle reminder to let go of the day’s follies and to start anew.

But please do us the decency of waiting for our actual bedtime. None of this middle of the afternoon, sent to bed early punishment nonsense. It’s a mindset thing, and it happens at bedtime, not while the sun is still up.

4 thoughts on “Bedtime

      1. True. Some people just can’t sleep without being all nice a toasty. It is certainly better than trying to sleep while freezing one’s ass off. Trying to sleep while shivering is no fun.

  1. It does look like the young lady is asking for it. Someone who was brought up feeling that misbehavior (real or manufactured) had to be addressed no doubt. And some lucky person (or persons) is (are) going to benefit from it.
    I was lucky enough to have married just such a person.
    I’ll miss her for the rest of my life.

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