Memories of Sorority Hazing

A while back, commenter Tony offered to share a few memories of real-life spanking in sororities in the 1960’s. As Tony says, “Hazing was allowed and practiced back then.” While we are reliant on word of mouth for precise details, the results of some of these practices were visible to those close to the victims, supporting their stories. With his permission, these two accounts will be shared here.

Tony’s first account was related to him by his college girlfriend on the Saturday morning following her Friday Hell Night pledge initiation:

“There were 8 new pledges to be initiated last night. We were all scared. All week long our big sisters kept telling us how our bottoms were going to be blistered, how we wouldn’t be able to sit for a week, how much it hurt when they got initiated and on and on. They took us to the recreation room and made us strip naked and then they gave us these hospital gowns to wear. The ones that wrap around but are open in the back is what they provided.

“Next we were given examinations. Meaning, they made us show everything and we even had to spread out legs wide so they could make cutting remarks about every imperfection on our bodies. We had to drink this horrible stuff that tasted like vinegar and lemon juice. Next we were given these nasty sandwiches to eat. Next we got eggs broken in our hair.

“We were again told to strip and we were lined up shoulder width apart..We all knew what was coming next. We were told to assume the position. The sisters got behind us with their paddles and one by one they walked down the line of the 8 of us and gave us a hard swat. There were 14 big sisters so we each got 14 burning hot licks.

“They told us to stand up straight. ‘Are you girls hot back there?’ they asked. ‘We will cool you off,’ they told us. They did, as we got sprayed with ice cold water until we were shivering. ‘You girls look like you’re freezing, we better warm you up again. Assume the position,’ they taunted. We again grabbed our ankles and they made another trip down the line and we all got 14 more hard swats.

“My bottom was on fire. Some of the girls begged to be let off. I was almost in tears but I kept my mouth shut as the cycle of swats and freezing water was repeated over and over. They paddled and paddled until all of us were begging for mercy and we collapsed to our knees. I was sobbing and I was sure the skin on my bottom had been torn off.”

Without even being asked she turned and lowered her shorts to show me her bruised and blistered behind. It was a mess of purple splotches and she had a large crop of blisters on the bottom of each cheek at her sit spot. She had used a whole jar of cold cream last night and I rubbed a second jar on her trying to heal her beaten bottom.

She later became a big sister in the sorority. Although we had broken up by then, I like to think that she took her turn on the other side of the paddle.

7 thoughts on “Memories of Sorority Hazing

  1. There was nothing like that in my British university for which I extremely grateful. Who trained these so called sisters in cruelty…Gestapo, KGB, North Koreans?

    1. Something like that.

      I’ll admit I prefer the sugar-coated fictional stories from this particular genre, though these accounts help provide context (and the occasional inspiration for more fictionalised stories).

    1. No, thank goodness! Interesting to read about, but the actual experience may well have turned me off spanking entirely.

      1. Steady on there Kia…whoa back…let us not go too far….turned off spanking entirely….

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