More Sorority Memories: Housekeeping and Hell Night

Tony has graciously shared another account, which is related below.

My cousin Mary Ann and I were close in age. We grew up together and were best friends all our lives. Mary Ann went to William and Mary college and joined a sorority in her sophomore year.

She knows about my spanking fetish. She is not a spanko but she didn’t mind telling me about her getting spanked at the sorority because she knew it would be special for me to hear the story.

Mary Ann came home from college and she acted like she had hurt her back or something. I asked her what was wrong and she said that last night was a hell night. I begged to hear more. I promised to never say a word, but that was almost 50 years ago.

She told me that they get paddled every Friday night in something called housekeeping. What that means is that if a pledge broke a sorority rule such as not having her room clean or not doing an assigned duty such as sweeping or dishes they would get swats. There were different numbers of swats for each rule broken. The minimum was 6 and the maximum was 20. The average was 12 swats. Swats were given with the standard sorority paddle over the panties. She said that the big sisters really laid them on very hard.

On the last Friday of the month they had hell night. This was hazing and all the pledges got paddled even if they didn’t break any rules. On this Friday night the big sisters were extra rough. She told me the padding started with all the pledges getting 10 swats. Then they took about a 15 minute break and then they got 10 more. Another 15 minute break and 10 more. This went on until they all got 50 hard swats. She said all the pledges were begging for it to stop. It was extremely painful and her bottom was so bruised and blistered that it took 3 days before she could sit without a pillow. I wish I could have inspected the damage but that would be weird as she is my cousin.

When it was over they all received their sorority pins and certificates making them full members. Their pledge period was over.

One thought on “More Sorority Memories: Housekeeping and Hell Night

  1. Perhaps I have a different concept of what makes a spanko but to me that sounds like sheer brutality

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