Long-Distance Discipline

Long-distance relationships rarely sound like a good idea. However, when the alternative involves searching, waiting, and a fair bit of loneliness, are they worth considering?

On the vanilla friendship side of things, I have plenty of experience with long-distance relationships. I have long-distance friendships with my parents, my sister, friends from school, and former co-workers. When one moves frequently, one becomes proficient at maintaining contact or loses many close friends. While nothing compares to actually meeting up for a chat, I’d rather have e-mail than an ended friendship.

Similarly, I’d consider several people I’ve met through the spanking blog community to be close friends, even some of those i have never met. Unlike with vanilla friends, however, I’ve found this distance can sometimes be helpful in discussing our mutual interests. It’s much easier to write out feelings on spanking and discipline than to stutter and blush my way through a face-to-face confession.

Could the same logic apply to a relationship with a disciplinarian? I’m not sure, but as an online acquaintance I’ve come to respect has offered his services, I’m more than willing to try.


2 thoughts on “Long-Distance Discipline

  1. i’ve been in a long distance relationship with my Master for a little over six months now. Not having the physical contact can be rough at times but we’ve found ways to keep the connection with each other. Most of our conversations happen over a video chat but phone calls, emails and private chatrooms are not in the least uncommon. There have been times when seeing his face prevents me from listening to his words and in those moments he’s been kind enough to turn off the video on his end. For the things i find difficult to tell him in real time i set up a private blog that only he has access to. Every so often he checks it and if its something he feels needs to be addressed, we’ll talk about it.

    To date, the relationship i have with my Master is the healthiest i’ve ever known. He never promised me forever and i don’t believe forever to be in cards for me anyway. There’s a deep appreciation that he doesn’t promise to do more than try. We talk about the “Great Someday”, that birthplace of wishes and dreams. Of all those things we do ‘someday’. For us its plans of the day i live in his home as his slave and serve his Favorite as well. (i told him early on that i knew i wasn’t his favorite and i didn’t want to be. i’d much rather have a place at his feet that i’ve earned than attempt to be a poor replacement in ill fitting shoes.) Its one of those things that helps us maintain our connection to each other. When i was collared i taught myself to make jewelry, crafted it myself of black obsidian beads and feel blessed that he allowed that creation to be his mark of ownership. i only wish he could have been there in person to put it on me the first time.

    i’m hopeful for a day when he can draw me over his knee and spank me himself. During a guided self spanking it is stupidly hard to keep track of what number and where in the set i am while being expected to listen to his lecture, answer his questions and ignore the ache in my arm. Its the little things in the long distance relationship that can make punishment just a little worse than in person.

    1. Hi Jennifer- always wonderful to hear from you! I’m glad that you’ve found value in your long-distance relationship. It must be a difficult arrangement at times, and I appreciate your insight. I love the symbolism of the collar that you made yourself- it seems very appropriate. Best of luck to you and your master and his favourite!

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