Long-Distance Discipline – Update

A while back, I indicated that I was about to embark on an experiment with long-distance discipline. I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised (and, at times, pleasantly sore) so far. As I’d seen before, any sort of regular contact with like-minded people is rewarding in itself in most cases. This is certainly no exception.

But it does require effort. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found someone willing and able to try to write out his feelings on these matters and to read mine in return. I’ll admit there is a certain sense of safety in confessing faults to an unseen person; eye contact is not to be underestimated, though in some cases may not be necessarily helpful. But nothing comes for free, and the ease of this kind of disclosure comes at the price. In the absence of body language, I have to assume that whatever I write will be received with an open mind and given the attention I hope it is worth. I have to trust that when I write from the heart, the words I send will be treated with the care they require lest their power be lost.

Self-spanking still does feel entirely ridiculous, though knowing that there is someone else prescribing and directing the affair helps- judging by the marks, if nothing else. As with in-person spanking, the potency of the experience stems not from the pain or other sensations- though those are valuable in their own way- but from the context, the reason for the encounter. The spanking itself is merely a symbol for a deeper intimacy, a special connection that I’ve found to my delight can be established to some extent even in absentia.

2 thoughts on “Long-Distance Discipline – Update

  1. I too have experience of this and found it rewarding. It was my safe first step to the life now have. Congratulations.

    1. It’s always comforting to hear that people I trust and admire have had similar experiences. It helps quash the insane assumption that everyone else has some magical skill that makes perfect encounters happen seamlessly and effortlessly and awkwardlessly.

      The internet is a wonderful thing 🙂

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