For the rest of us, the process is considerably more chaotic, and sometimes considerably unenjoyable. “Limit” sounds like such a simple word- something that one knows one won’t enjoy, and therefore won’t do. Once such obstacles identified and labelled as such, things run smoothly as traffic finds its way around them.

It’s the days where you run face first into a new one that hurt. But how can one explore new areas without taking such a risk? Guidebooks and maps and such are helpful to xome extent, but until you’re there, on the ground, wading through the much in search of some long lost treasure. you can’t truly appreciate the things you might find along the way.

And so there will be some head-first collisions, some slow but painful slides down muddy slopes, and some wrong turns that result in slogs through bogs that eat shoes and slowly suck one’s soul out through the toes.

And sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes it’s the wrong place, the wrong time, and one is left with no other option than to go home, clean up, get some rest, and try to muster the courage to try again somewhere else.

But sometimes it does work. And the treasures discovered there make all the mud-wading in the world worth it.

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