Kink-aware is all good and well, though, as with all things, balance is critical.

I think I may have missed the memo on how vanilla people meet partners. I’ve noticed a pattern recently where I think we’re just having a drink and a chat, but suddenly someone tries to throw tongues into the mix or somesuch. I’m left stuttering and stymied- what happened?

I never used to have this sort of problem, being quite content to spend my nights out blending in with the wallpaper and enjoying the music and the occasional brief greeting, though apparently “exotic foreigner” has overridden my typical defence of “fat and nerdy” that kept such people at bay, resulting in a slew of situations for which I lack the social skills to handle with any grace.

Perhaps I just need practice- it need not always end badly.

Or perhaps that’s why so many of us benefit from pre-midnight bedtimes.

3 thoughts on “Vanilla-Clueless

  1. My advice is practise a raised eyebrow in response to such things. Make with a ‘really are you this immature’ expression.

  2. Pre-midnight bedtimes….oh I miss those days.

    Also, you didn’t realize foreigners get a lot of action? It’s all in the funny accent. They see you as different and interesting, and for immature, a conquest that their friends will never get.

  3. Sue- Good suggestion. If only I could catch these things earlier- recently I’ve been literally in no position to employ such a gesture at the time.

    Kipling- It was unexpected, but not completely surprising. Lots to learn. . .

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