Book of the Month: Tamed by the Cossack by DJ Black


With the proliferation of readily-accessible short spanking fiction, I tend not to read as many longer works. However, for 2015, I’d like to change this. After all, reading more is supposed to be a worthy new year’s resolution, right? But with resolutions, one really needs accountability. Particularly when one is a submissive.

Therefore, on the first Wednesday of each month, I’ll be highlighting a work I particularly enjoyed.

This month I’ve chosen Tamed by the Cossack, one of the latest publications from DJ Black of Voice in the Corner. As with all of his work, the spanking here fits into the context of a well-developed story. I had eagerly awaited each new chapter when it was released in segments on his site as A Winter’s Tale.  The e-book version does not disappoint; it has the same passion as the first draft, though is more romantic and more gentle- but the changes don’t save the heroine from plenty of well-deserved spankings.

From the publisher:

Princess Sofia is beautiful, tempestuous, and spoiled. As the harsh winter sets in, her father, Prince Molotov, forbids her to leave the castle. She disobeys him, sneaking out with the horse sleigh into the snow-covered forest for one last wilful adventure. It is the woodsman, Ivan Ivanov, who discovers her tracks, and when he comes upon her, finds her stranded after the sleigh has turned over. Ivan is not impressed by her rudeness, and he spanks her until she apologises. Then he turns his attention to the immediate problem, for the weather has turned, and Sofia will not be able to return to Castle Molotov. As the wolves close in and the storm rages, they eventually reach the sanctuary of Ivan’s hut – a simple dwelling, nothing like the grand castle Sofia is accustomed to. Her demands are met with little sympathy, and once again she finds herself spanked, then made to stand in the corner.

And so begins her relationship with this man of lowly rank, for there is to be no return to Castle Molotov until the Spring when the snows begin to thaw. As the days pass, an unspoken love develops between them. In spite of his rough ways, she feels safe and secure with Ivan – even though he always deals with her bad behaviour in the traditional way. When Spring finally arrives, Sofia feels desolate, but how can she tell Ivan she would prefer to remain with him? Resignedly, she is escorted back home, where her father, acutely aware that her reputation has been irreparably damaged, marries her off to the ageing Count Dvorsky. But after the wedding ceremony and before the marriage is consummated, the party is attacked on route to the count’s home. The count is killed, and Sofia is taken captive and thrown into a dungeon.

Prince Molotov and his men, including Ivan, search for the captured princess, but it is Ivan who saves her – for which he is richly rewarded with a title and a beautiful new wife…

Available from LSF Publications

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