Book of the Month: The Doctor’s Little Girl by Alex Reynolds

300 thedoctorslittlegirl_detail

I’ll admit to blatantly shopping by cover here. (Note to self: I really need to get rainbow striped toe socks. My life will not be complete until this inadequacy is resolved.) I was very glad I did- the debut novel from Alex Reynolds (of Alex in Spankingland) was a great read.

The scenario requires quite the suspension of disbelief (most spanking stories do, to some extent), but is nevertheless charming and exciting. Alex’s clear and conversational style makes this a quick, easy, and enjoyable read. Alex delves into realms of kink that I don’t visit very often- age play and medical play- though the book maintains an approachable innocence that

From the publisher:

After losing yet another job, twenty-year-old Molly Parker wonders whether failure and sadness are her lot in life. Her last hope lies in Dr. Andrew Harrington, the handsome physician who witnessed a courageous act of kindness on her part and then offered her a job. But Molly can’t help worrying that she’ll lose this job too, just like all the others…

From the moment he set eyes on her, Andrew knew there was something special about Molly—special enough for him to bring her halfway across the country and give her a job at his practice and a room in his home—but it soon becomes clear that she will be a handful. When it seems that her poor attitude at work will leave him no choice but to fire her, he makes a bold decision and gives Molly exactly what she needs: a long, hard, bare-bottom spanking.

Nobody has ever cared enough about Molly to correct her before, let alone take her in hand so completely, and soon enough she is cuddling in Andrew’s lap and calling him daddy. It will take more than one trip over Andrew’s knee to cure her bad habits, though, and discipline at a doctor’s office can leave a naughty little girl blushing bright red before her real punishment even begins. But can Andrew really give Molly what she has always longed for, or will he eventually give up on her like everyone else?

Available from Stormy Night Publcations

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