Bonus Book of the Month: Dana and the Drifter by Abigail Armani

No new story from me today (or last week or the week before. . .I know. . .). Work has kept me extremely busy recently, and non-technical writing hasn’t much happened (not even email and comment responses- very sorry for my absence, but it’s nice to see you all seem to have been having a good time here while I was away!). A weekend with like-minded friends has been a lovely source of inspiration, and I can promise a story next Monday at the latest.

In the meantime, though, reading has been great for stress relief, and I’m happy to recommend a couple of my favourite recent reads this month.


The first is Dana and the Drifter, the latest offering from Abigail Armani, who I’ve featured before.

Part Western, part submissive awakening, I found this a very enjoyable and light-hearted read. While there is some degree of conflict (what spanking novel doesn’t have conflict?) this book was a feel-good story nearly the whole way through.

From the publisher:
Ethan Fletcher is a 30-year-old man who has everything: good looks and a physique that makes heads turn, land, considerable wealth and a successful ranch in Montana… but there is no woman in his life. After working hard for 9 years he decides it is time to take an extended vacation, and sets off in his Pa’s old truck with the intention of drifting and enjoying life along the way – and who knows, maybe he will meet that special lady who needs to be corrected, cherished, and carefully dominated.

Dana Morgan, 24, has no real home and spends her life travelling from place to place, taking work where she can get it, using her free time to do what she was born to do – for she has a rare talent as an artist, and is waiting for her big break. On her way to Kerrville, Texas, disaster strikes: her car engine catches fire, and the vehicle goes up in flames. She is rescued by hunky cowboy, Ethan, who steps in and takes control.

Sparks fly between the two. Ethan admires not only her looks, but her independent spirit, her wit, and feisty nature. She is captivated by his presence, his humour, his simmering sexuality and effortless dominance. He is a man very much in control and that excites her. The two of them journey to Kerrville and find a place to stay – a place that becomes the first real home that Dana has had in years. Their relationship grows, opportunities beckon, and secrets from the past are revealed in a heart-warming way.

Dana and the Drifter is an arousing contemporary western romance that includes steamy sex scenes enclosed within a compelling storyline. It also contains domestic discipline spankings of an adult woman. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Available through LSF publications

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