Book of the Month: Bound to a Vampire Volume 1: Into the Dark Woods by Grey Francis

Bound to a Vampire - Front Cover

Something a bit different this month in Bound to a Vampire Volume 1: Into the Dark Woods by Grey Francis.  This is more a general BDSM novel than a spanking novel, and features heavy M/M content and more explicit sexual content than other novels featured here. But. . .there are vampires involved, so I’m happy to make exceptions 🙂  While this book was a bit outside my usual interests, I found it a very worthwhile read, and not just because of the vampires (though I have to say, the supernatural side of the novel was developed very skilfully)

As someone who is beginning to confront personal feelings and assumptions about love and polyamory, I found this a very accurate depiction of the emotions involved which made it a difficult read at times. However, the love and support of each of the main characters for each other shines through strongly.

From the publisher:

Cassandra Montclaire is a three-hundred-and-sixty-year-old vampire living in modern-day New York. Her human life ended three centuries earlier when, condemned as a witch, she was rescued and turned by a Master Vampire named Killian. Bonded in a passionate trio with their Protector, the three lived an exciting and dangerous life full of love, decadence, and dark passion. But then Killian vanished without a trace. Until now.

A human ally of Cassandra’s has proof Killian is alive and is killing off members of his organization. Killian is now a marked man, and Cassandra must find him before time runs out and he is eliminated.

But Cassandra must first journey into her torrid past and face her demons before she can fight for what was lost.

Filled with erotic passion, great tragedy, and dark mystery, Bound to a Vampire is a turbulent thriller that delves into the history of vampires and the dramatic events that shaped them into who they are. For fans of Vampire Mistress by Joey Hill, author Grey Francis creates a vibrant world where secrets abound and the BDSM power exchange between mates is as essential to their survival as the blood they drink.


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One thought on “Book of the Month: Bound to a Vampire Volume 1: Into the Dark Woods by Grey Francis

  1. Very hard to comment on something I know nothing about but it certainly looks like a spellbinder. have I the courage to read it the question?

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