Love Our Lurkers

LOL 10

Love our Lurkers day- a holiday for the spanking-blog community to recognise and encourage our quiet readers- has arrived!

I’ll admit I’ve become more of a lurker- and  an infrequent lurker at that (even here. .blush) of late.  Keeping busy with many things- some of which I’ve written about (here and here, for example), others I plan to write about, and some too mundane to be worth noting.

In any event, I plan to use this day as a kick-start to get back in the habit of popping up to say hello to my fellow bloggers.

Hermione is graciously hosting this year’s event, and a list of participating blogs can be found on her site for those who would like to participate- either by commenting or, more aptly, simply by reading.

Happy LOL Day!

15 thoughts on “Love Our Lurkers

  1. Hi Kia,
    I’ve commented here a few times but mostly I lurk. Thought I should say Hi on this official de-lurking day! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your stories.

  2. LOL day? Not sure if my occasional comment qualifies me as a non-lurker, but this is a good opportunity to say “Hi, and thank you for bering Kia”‘ without having to compose pertinent remarks about a story, or other post 😉
    Good luck with life and blogging.

  3. Leigh- Thanks for stopping by!

    Ripley- Always nice to hear from you!

    DJ- Lovely to see you here again- I believe you were my very first commenter back when this all started!

    Giles- Lurker, or not, you are most welcome here 🙂

    Ronnie- Great to hear from you!

    Alofa- Thank you very much for de-lurking! I am glad you enjoy the stories- more on the way soon, I promise! Hope to continue to hear from you 🙂

    minelle- Hope to see you again soon!

    Lindy- Glad you stopped in- Cheers!

  4. I have been a lurker here but have commented on your stories elsewhere – it is always a pleasure to read your thoughtful posts.

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