I see the look of ill-disguised pity in their eyes, hear the murmurs as they pass. I don’t blame them for staring; no one else has come to the cinema alone.


They do not see that you are with me, though you left for home this morning.  They do not know that you brought me here, as surely as if you had led me by the hand. A quiet request was all it took, not even an order.  Then again, the spanking that had preceded that request had left me in a very susceptible state of mind.  


I had not expected this, this reward. Sore and sobbing, I had braced myself for scolding, for an order to fetch another implement. I did not expect your voice to soften, to tell me that it was over, that I was to be kind to myself this evening. That I was to go out, though I would not need to be sociable just yet. That you had found a lovely place for my mind to wander for a while.


I am anxious to go there, now more than ever as I sit and squirm in the soft seat.


They see me squirm, and think I am uncomfortable, awkward. I am that, though they cannot see that it is not the solitude but the stripes on my behind that make sitting here difficult.  I settle, and try to stay still, not to avoid drawing attention to myself but because it is what you would want. You sent me here knowing that I would have to sit, to remain seated for far longer than I would have liked.  Even your reward carries a reminder of the punishment.  Still, I do not mind being reminded; I cannot dwell on the punishment without also dwelling on you.  


Besides, once the lights go down I am swept off into another world- a world that you bade me visit for the next two hours. A world where you had been, and a world I am about to discover.  


A world we can revisit together when next we meet.

3 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Lovely and well written as usual a touch of sadness yet togetherness too and the comfort he obviously gave you

  2. Susan- NO POETRY!!!! (vanilla writing group is trying to get me to do that sort of thing. I am protesting quietly here). But thanks 🙂

    Brian- Thanks for the feedback and encouragement!

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