Oddities and Experimentation

“I find you intriguing; you’re the only person I’ve met who doesn’t respond to intimate touch.”  


I was a bit taken aback.   I thought I liked intimate touch. Hugs are wonderful, cuddling is incredibly comforting. Kissing though, that’s a bit sloppy and something I’d rather avoid. And I’d not like you fiddling with my ears, thank you very much. Or tickling my. . .anything really.  It really is torture, and much closer to true punishment than any spanking.


Speaking of which, couldn’t we. . .?


My FetLife adventure has continued to be a mixed bag, though most of the things in the mix have been very positive. I’ve had something like the exchange above numerous times. The first few times were terrifying.  I know my experience of intimicy lies somwhat off from the norm, and it has taken a while to be open about my feelings.  The atmosphere at the events I’ve attended, one of experimentation and genuine curiosity, has helped enormously.


And the best part?  Differences, no matter what they may be, understood or not, are respected.  But they do not define us. I’ve never once been described as frigid in this setting, though far lesser confessions in vanilla company have earned me that label.


Here, however, exchanges like this tend to lead to a bit of play, pushing a few buttons to figure out what happens, pushing a few boundaries to find where they truly lie- or lie for the moment anyway. Sometimes it works well, other times. . . not so much.


But it always ends in congenial chat and warm hugs, which is reward enough in itself.


One thought on “Oddities and Experimentation

  1. Respect and acceptance that people are different seems to come more easily in the kink world. I love the fact that you can be yourself cause ultimately that is where peoples real attraction is and yes cuddles and hugs are wonderful and should be compulsary.

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