Intensive Coursework: Early Bedtime

Sarah and Stephen’s story began here


Why was roleplay with Stephen so difficult to take seriously?  It had seemed like an excellent way to experience a punishment without things getting too personal.  It had worked before, with Mark, why was it suddenly so difficult to get her mind into the game?   Sarah looked up at Stephen’s stern expression and had to stifle a smile.  He looked strict, sure, but it didn’t look natural, as contrived as his claim to be the letting agent for her apartment.


Sarah made a mental note to come up with a scenario proposal for next time that may be easier to get into, and a second note to remind herself to try to play this one out. He was making an effort. It was she had asked for, and she had no better ideas at the moment.


“What do you call this?” he asked, sneering at the fireplace.


“A fireplace,” Sarah added helpfully, trying very hard not to giggle.


“Soot. Everywhere. We expect better here, you know.”  


Sarah failed at holding back the giggles. The landlord had been in only two days ago to clean the chimney- though a few black stains remained it was far better than it had been.


“You think this is funny, do you?” Stephen demanded, hands on hips as he glared down on her.


Sarah bit her lip and gazed downward, composing herself. “No, Sir,” she replied.


“I have half a mind to evict you, but I know you could be a valuable member of this community. I therefore have something else in mind.”


“What is that, Sir?” Sarah asked, not needing to try very hard to appear nervous.  Struggle as she might with the roleplay, she knew from experience that Stephen did not struggle at all with the spanking bit.  


“A good bare bottom spanking,” he said firmly, pausing to watch her squirm before continuing ominously, “to start with.”


Mutely, Sarah followed him as he grabbed her by the upper arm and led her to the dining table.  He had a chair ready there, turned out to face the room, where he sat and toppled her over his lap.


Sarah had expected the position to be more uncomfortable.  It wasn’t as relaxing as resting her body on a bed or sofa had been whenever she’d been taken over the knee before, but nor was it unbearable- at least until the spanking heated up.


Though the pain from her earlier flogging had all but disappeared, it didn’t take many swats of Stephen’s hand to bring the aching burn back up to a decidedly unpleasant level. She wriggled as the spanks grew harder, almost beginning to regret agreeing to further “play,” not that the word seemed at all fitting for what she was now experiencing.


“Up,” Stephen commanded at long last- a command Sarah was only too keen to obey, rubbing her bottom ruefully as she rose.


“Hands away,” Stephen scolded.  “We’re far from over.  Go to your bedroom and wait for me.”


Sarah went, not daring to incur his wrath- fictional though it may be.


She didn’t have long to wait, hardly even time to wonder at how he wanted her to wait for him.  He arrived in less than a minute, though what he brought with him made Sarah catch her breath. There was the strap, the devil she knew, the devil that had left her bruised last time but which had sang beautifully, deliciously, as it had done so.


And a cane.


A cane was never a good thing.


Sarah’s eyes darted between the implement and its bearer as Stephen prepared the room. He seized the pillow from the head of the bed and stacked the precariously in the middle.  Sarah gulped at the sight of the mountain he was forming. Pillows were supposed to be fluffy, friendly things to cuddle up with at night, not tools to be mustered against her to aid her punishment.


“Over,” Stephen ordered, pointing to the topping stack.  Sarah tried to launch herself a bit as she bent over in an effort to make the stack somewhat less high in the process. It may have worked, but she was all too aware that her bottom was left all too high despite her attempt.


“Stay in position,” Stephen warned her, and she barely had time to brace herself before the strap began its assault on her bottom.  As before, the sensation was shocking, burning, but only just bearable as it heated her bottom to an inferno.


Unpleasant as it was, the burn was infinitely preferable to what was to come.


Sarah felt the first gentle taps of the cane on her bottom and cringed- partly from the discomfort they exacerbated from her strapping but mostly in anticipation of the first true cut.  


As expected, it was agony. Sarah felt tears spill from her eyes as the pain deepened, a flow that grew more swift when the cane struck again. She endured two more strokes before she crumpled, despite the support of the pillows.  


“Two more,” he told her firmly.  


Sarah struggled to get her sobbing under control, and to choke back her safeword. This was the cane, there were rituals that must be followed.  The sentence had been specified and must be carried out. She knew the end was near and just needed to hang on a bit longer. She would survive.


That knowledge was not enough to stop her from crying out and curling up at the penultimate stroke, bitterly wishing that it could all be over.   


“One more,” Stephen encouraged. Sarah silenced her sobbing and stilled her body until the final stroke freed her to wail.  


“Shhhhh,” Stephen comforted, and before she could squirm out of position Stephen laid atop her, his weight more reassuring than any words might have been.  Sarah rested, warm and secure.


And squished.  


She wriggled slightly as the struggle to breathe became more difficult and Stephen rolled off of her, pulling her into a hug against him as they lay together, recovering. “You did very well.”


Sarah felt a warm glow of pride flow through her, complementing the glow that was surely radiating from her bottom. She had made it through. Her safeword remained unused. Her emotions remained reasonably intact, as did her bottom. It was all ok.  


“You took quite a bit- I can feel the heat from your bottom. Would you like me to rub a bit of lotion on it?”


Sarah could think of nothing more blissful.  She rolled over, wincing as her bottom rubbed against the duvet and reached for the bottle on the windowsill.


Stephen helped her over his lap yet again, but rather than squealing in pain she now squirmed in surprise at the chill of the lotion he drizzled on her. It quickly warmed, aided by her bottom and his massaging hands.


His hands, once hard, now caressed her gently as they worked the lotion in.  Fingers occasionally brushed between her legs, something she suspected was nothing more than an accident as they never lingered.  It was a revelation. She’d always imagined she preferred to keep her sexuality and spankings separate, but could begin to see a new world beginning to show itself. Yet another note to file away for future discussion. Recovered and emboldened, Sarah turned her head back to peer at Stephen.


“You can spank it a bit if you like,” she coaxed him.


“Who am I to ignore an invitation like that?” Stephen replied, giving her a gentle swat.


“You don’t have to be so careful,” she goaded.


Stephen chuckled and rubbed her bottom again. “I know, but you need to be warmed up a bit first,” he said as he gave her another swat, not quite as gentle as the first.   


The spanking grew gradually, sensuously, until Sarah found herself squirming over his lap yet again, but in no real hurry to escape. All the same, time was running out.  Stephen lifted her off his lap and gave her a deep hug. “I’ll collect my things. You stay here and get some rest, you need it after this afternoon.” Sarah saw no reason to argue.  


He leaned in to give her a quick kiss on the cheek, but Sarah turned her head to intercept him with her lips.  He had been so patient with her, so willing to accomodate, she owed him at least that much.  


His smile as they parted told her that the gesture was appreciated.  


He helped her into bed, and Sarah slipped gratefully between the sheets, too exhausted to even offer to help him pack as she heard the rustle of him reassembling his things in the next room.


He stopped into see her one last time before leaving, planting another kiss on her cheek and accepting her sleepy, happy hug.  


Sarah had meant to sit up to watch him leave, to wave through the window as he drove away, but slipped into a blissful nap before he had reached his car.  

To be continued

3 thoughts on “Intensive Coursework: Early Bedtime

  1. Oh my! I found I was holding my breath with that one. I don’t like role play feeling , as Sarah did, that it’s all rather silly and contrived. In this one though it all went beyond that and I’m not quite sure how you managed that Kia. Beautifully done.

  2. Susan- Thanks, I think? Role play is a tricky one for me- it has either worked briliantly or fallen utterly flat and felt ridiculous. Still trying to figure out why.

    Brian- That’s what we aim for 🙂 Thanks!

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