Diving Deeper

An instalment of the Sarah Saga

The lower floor of The Club had filled nicely as Sarah and Tina had played, and Sarah soon lost herself in the sea of shiny black.  Sarah smiled as she remembered the anxiety that had been involved in choosing her own outfit. She needn’t have worried; it would be all but impossible to stand out in this crowd.  Patrons brushed passed her wearing everything from full-coverage head-to-toe latex ensembles to the skimpiest of lingerie.  


There was so much to take in. The costumes made for fascinating people-watching themselves, but the things people did in them were more engrossing still. Though she had read much about spanking, it was an entirely different experience to be surrounded by it, cracks and gasps, screams and sighs echoing from all sides.   Nor was it just spanking- Sarah watched in awe as a mistress lead a coffle of slaves crawling behind her, while on stage a master of rope toyed with a woman suspended from a frame before turning her upside down to the delight of both his partner and the watching crowd.


Sarah found herself captivated by a couple playing where she had been with Tina earlier in the evening. Though the location was the same, the act was a world apart.   A tall man in a dark robe cracked a whip across the back of his lady draped over the frame. The noise would have been terrifying if it were not so immediately apparent that both were enjoying themselves, physically present but floating on another plane in their interactions.  When they finally returned to reality, sharing in a long, tender hug, Sarah turned away. After the intensity of the whipping, it felt more voyeuristic to watch this tender, intimate moment.  


When she returned downstairs, the thinning crowd was her first clue that time had passed far more quickly than she had imagined. It was only then that she saw Lisa.


Lisa was another munch-friend, and though she had been just as friendly and helpful as Tina in assisting her as she joined “the scene,” Sarah hadn’t been quite as comfortable around her. She was louder, more boisterous, more mischievous, and more enthusiastic at ensuring that the newbies were enjoying themselves to the fullest extent possible- even if that involved pushing boundaries a bit.


“Ah, there you are!” Lisa exclaimed, enveloping Sarah in a big hug.  “Enjoying your night?”


“Absolutely!” Sarah replied honestly and enthusiastically, before admitting, “it’s a lot to take in.”


“Oh yes,” Lisa continued, “and have you played?”


“Yes, briefly, with Tina at the beginning of the night.”  


“Excellent- and you enjoyed it?”


“Yes,” Sarah replied, surprised still at how much she had, and slightly regretting not taking better advantage of a night dedicated to play.  


Some amount of her emotions may have shown on her face as Lisa asked, “Have you played with Tom? Would you like to?  He’s free at the moment, and I’ve not known him to turn down a chance to spank. He’s a wonderful top, one of my favourites to play with. .  .”


As Lisa continued extolling Tom’s virtues as a spanker, Sarah found herself being led in his direction.  She considered declining, but decided to trust Lisa- Lisa had been doing this sort of thing for ages, and though she sometimes seemed rather aburpt, Sarah had seen that her heart was in the right place and she did truly want to foster connections within the community.  


So Sarah let herself be introduced by Lisa to the man she’d met only briefly at a munch the previous month, before being swept along in his wake as he looked for space to play.  As she followed him, she kept waiting for her nerves to catch up with her.  After the near-panic she’d felt at the prospect of playing with Tina, she expected some level of fear for her next encounter.  Her heart fluttered, but from excitement rather than fear.  She gazed at Tom as he laid down his bag next to the stool he’d apparently chosen for her to bend over.  Everything about him seemed remarkably calm, reassuring.   “Does this work for you?” he asked, indicating, the stool.


“Yes,” Sarah replied, steeling herself for another uncomfortable negotiation, telling herself that she needed to get better at this sort fo thing.  


It didn’t happen.  


“Bend over,” Tom said.  His voice was stern, but his small smile assured her, as did his hands steadying her hips as she lowered herself into position.   


And then it started, soft swats that were more pats than spanks. Three on once side, three on the other, then repeat. Each round grew imperceptibly firmer as Sarah relaxed and the spanking had begun in earnest.  When Sarah began to squirm, the swats eased off, if only for a few rounds before ramping up the intensity again.  Sarah closed her eyes, losing herself in the joy of the experience.  It hurt, as all spankings do, but in a most pleasant way.   Even when the sting intensified, she drew comfort from Tom’s hand on her back, gently holding her in place, reading her squirms as a more accurate indication of her comfort-or lack thereof- than any verbal negotiation could have been.


“Are you ok?” Tom asked as he paused.


“Yes,” Sarah replied.


“Can I use a paddle on you?”


“Yes, Sir,”  Tom patted her back twice before removing his hand to search through his bag, leaving Sarah briefly alone with her thoughts.


Sir? Where had that come from? Sarah mused as Tom rummaged through the bag.  “Sir” was something she said when she submitted, when she had given herself over to someone she trusted, someone worthy of the title. To her it was intense, personal, not something thrown about casually.


And yet it felt right for Tom. True, she barely knew him, but she trusted him. She had submitted to him deeply, if briefly.


The first swat of the paddle confirmed this thought, even as it ended her inner conversation. Tom had hit her gently, but even a gentle swat of a paddle leaves an impression. As before, he rested a hand on her back, reading her level of submission and distress and adjusting the spanking accordingly. He kept her balanced just past the point of comfort, beyond her ability to keep completely still and take the spanking, but not to the point of tears and genuine distress.  


Though it never got to the peak of emotion she’d experienced with Mark or Stephen in their private sessions, the spanking from Tom nevertheless proved an intense experience. Just as she was wondering how deeply this would affect her, how she would recover from the experience quickly enough to return to the party afterwards, Tom stopped, helped her to her feet, and wrapped her in a hug.  Sarah realised that she need never have worried- that hug alone was enough to restore her to some level of normality- at least by the standards of The Club.


“Thank you,” Sarah whispered into his ear.  


“Thank you as well,” he returned.  “Are you ok?’


“Yes,” Sarah replied, again surprised at her ability to answer both in that manner and with heartfelt honestly.  


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