Book of the Month: Shameless Plug

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The Library of Spanking Fiction have published the first book of the Sarah Saga, Much to Learn, as an ebook. They have previously published a few of my short stories (in anthologies here, here, and here), but this is my first independent ebook.  Though this series was written almost by accident and never intended to be a novella, it is very exciting and satisfying to see it come together in this way.  This story in particular is very close to my heart, and I am thrilled that it has been selected for publication by the LSF staff.

All proceeds go to LSF– a fantastic resource that provides free access to thousands of spanking stories, not to mention a lively community of readers, authors, and commenters.

From the publisher:

This is the story of Sarah, a natural but inexperienced submissive. After corresponding with Mark online, she finally takes the plunge to meet him. There is an instant chemistry between them; Sarah is thrilled by his touch and finds herself attracted not only to his dominant nature, but to all aspects of his personality. They talk and plan their next encounter in a hotel, which will involve Sarah getting spanked… she craves his discipline and is eager to please him. Thus begins a D/s relationship where Mark is very firmly in charge, setting rules and taking on the role of Sarah’s mentor and disciplinarian. A developing trust and openness strengthens the bond between them, and Sarah demonstrates her obedience by following instructions regarding clothing and behaviour.

Sarah enjoys role playing and dresses as a schoolgirl. She is spanked and paddled and caned, she writes lines and gets sent to the corner… and loves it. Fully accepting the fact that Sir is not exclusive to her alone, she is thankful he gives her what she wants and needs, turning her dreams into a glorious reality. Theirs is an intense and powerful relationship and Sarah gives her heart to this man, savouring every detail of their sessions… until the day comes when he is no longer there for her and she has to learn to harness her inner strength and adjust to life without him spanking her.

Available from LSF Publications

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