I remember reading somewhere that most blogs tend to go inactive within three years.  Glad to have beaten those odds, though progress has been shaky at times.


That said, this last year has been particularly special.  I’ve thrown myself into the local scene, and am having a blast- and plenty of spankings.  As this post is published, I will be only my way to the city for a mid-week munch. This time last year, I was convinced that these gatherings, while fun, would hardly be worth the travel time and lost sleep. How things change in a year!


Highlights of this last year have included:


  • Floundering in the Irish FetLife community until one shockingly powerful connection, one shockingly bruising spanking reminded me that in the midst of the “50 shades of everything,” there are those whose views of spanking are similar to my own. These people are worth treasuring.  
  • Realising that the “50 shades of everything” can also be quite fun, and allowing myself to explore new practices. (particularly those that involve fire. . . )
  • Relaxing into casual, public play at parties large and small. Realising I do have a bit of an exhibitionist side, and that spankings need not be deadly-serious affairs.
  • Reconnecting with a former partner- a never-racking exercise at first, but one which has led to a blissful feeling of peace and friendship.
  • Deepening connections with the friends who started all of this, witnessing a milestone in their relationship, realising that blogging friends can indeed become all-around friends.
  • Developing a close relationship with a new play partner, pushing each other to explore the heavier and lighter sides of spanking, with all the stress and joy, conflict and closeness that entails.


Thank you all for your support. Bring on year 4!

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