Opportunities to Shine

I’ve found that involvement in the local spanking community has been very beneficial. I am more confident, more relaxed, and, perhaps most important, have more opportunities to be creative.  For example, when a teacher (and I use this term very loosely indeed) asks me to “Name the ten commandments,” and I see this as a chance to give them names such as “Sue” or “Harry”,


My teacher, I am sure you will be shocked to hear, did not see it this way.  I guess I’ll just need to try again (and again, and again. . . it seems he may be rather thick), until he can reach a higher level of understanding.  It’s a painful task, but someone has to do it.

5 thoughts on “Opportunities to Shine

  1. 😄 “Good luck with that” – that’s what one says where you live, isn’t it?
    The best you can hope for, I would think, is that your ‘teacher’ laughs heartily as he wallops the bejaysus out of you!

    1. Brian- I’d love a chat over a pint anytime 😉

      Giles- I appreciate your best wishes. . . .not that I think it will help much!

  2. Sounds like an excellent way to get yourself extra chastisement. Were I your teacher, I think I’d make it ten spanks per commandment….

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