Leading and Learning: First Punishment

From the Sarah Saga

“Bring me the brush.”


Sarah took a deep breath before complying. It was time. After nearly three weeks of discussion, negotiation, confession, apology, scolding, it was time for the punishment.   


There had been scolding this morning as well, in-person scolding, and though it had reminded her of precisely why they were there, it didn’t have nearly the impact that the emailed scoldings had.  


She had hurt him, Sarah knew, she had hurt Brian and needed to atone. “You acted like a right bitch,” he had told her.  He had been more than appreciative of her playful naughtiness, rewarding her cheek with playful spankings, but this was something different.  


“Even the others noticed. You should have seen the look Tim gave me at the munch, that I was letting you say those things.”  Sarah apologised, electronically and personally, but more was warranted. “I understand if you are stressed, understand if you are tired, but that is no excuse to lash out.” Sarah agreed.


Hence the brush.


“I want to use the brush for this,” Brian had told her as they agreed the parameters for her first true punishment. “It does a good job of getting the message across without being too severe.”  


Sarah had disagreed with that bit. He had two brushes, after all, one which made more noise and one which made more bruises.  After much discussion they had settled on the noisy one.


This time.


She ran her hands over the brush as she brought it over to him. Solid, but with a slight give. She tried to reassure herself. She knew this brush. It stung, but it was bearable. She knew this spanker. He was harsh but human. It would be ok.


“This is going to hurt,” he told her.


Sarah nodded sadly and passed over the brush.


“Jeans down,” he said. Sarah complied, lowering her panties as well, as they had  discussed. This was not the time to quip over details.


Brian nodded approvingly.  “Over my knee.”  


Sarah crawled onto his lap, bracing her feet against the edge of the sofa. She shivered as Brian lifted the hem of her shirt to expose her bottom fully and gave it a few taps with the brush.  


“No warmup, as we discussed. I want you to feel this, and to think about how you should treat your friends, how you should treat me. I deserve more respect than you’ve been showing.”  He brought the brush down with a crash. Sarah gasped at the beginning of her punishment, and let the pain roll over her. It was a shock, but one that she could handle.  Still, it would get worse.


“I want you to think about your snippy remarks,” Brian scolded.  “When it’s all in good fun, that’s one thing, but there are better ways to express frustration.  There are better ways to deal with being tired. If you’re not in a mood to socialise, don’t go out.  That’s all there is to it.”  Brian spanked on throughout the scolding, and Sarah tried to process his words, to process the pain.  


The words stung more.  Perhaps that was right, but Sarah couldn’t help but feel that she had cheated the punishment, that her insistence on the use of this brush had prevented her from getting the punishment she deserved. When Brian paused next, she turned her face back to him.  


“You can use the other brush if you want, the harsher one,” Sarah offered before turning her face away, ashamed that she felt she needed harsher correction, and that her fear had let her talk Brian out of using the harsher brush.


Brian paused, and Sarah began to panic. Was the suggestion out of line. She chanced another look back over her shoulder. Brian was looking at her, and though his brow was furrowed in frustration, he gave her a half smile that let her know that she was not the cause of the consternation. That her suggestion was not only welcome, but that he agreed, only. . .

“I didn’t bring it with me,” he told her. In any other position, at any other time, Sarah would have laughed aloud. She had been so terrified of the heavy brush that she had begged him not to use it during their discussions of the impending punishment. Had he told her earlier that it wasn’t even in her apartment, she would have been relieved. Now, she felt ashamed of her fear, and of the frustration the consequences of that fear were now giving her disciplinarian.


“This will do for now. Next time, it will be the other brush though, you’d best keep that in mind.” Brian brought the brush down again, hard, on the lower portion of her bottom. Sarah squealed. Perhaps this would be enough, she tried to tell herself, even as she knew that it wasn’t. “Just a few more, then you can spend some time in the corner.”  


Sarah tried to focus on the swats. If this was all she was going to be getting, she had to let the brush do what it could, have to accept the pain rather than fight it.


“Up,” Brian ordered.  Sarah rose, and shuffled clumsily over to the corner, trying not to trip over the clothing wound round her ankles.   She faced the wall, tried to think of what she had done to earn this, tried to promise herself that she would remember this, would learn from this.


“Get back over here,” she heard Brian order.  Already? Sarah gave a small chuckle. Why was it that corner time always seemed so short? She’d heard so many other girls complain that mere minutes lasted ages, and yet for Sarah the time flew.


She turned back to Brian, who raised his arms, brush in hand, to allow her to settle back over his knees.  Sarah laid down, trying to prepare herself for the rest of the punishment.  Brian scolded her gently before resuming the spanking. Sharp, stinging,but bearable swats rained down. Sarah squirmed a bit, but found herself wishing she hadn’t objected so strongly to the use of the harsher brush.  She had asked for this, she reminded herself. This would have to be enough. SHe had to make it be enough. After all, the spanking was only part of the punishment. The spanking wouldn’t make her change, she would have to do that herself.  


Brian struck her lower, right at the tops of her thighs, and Sarah cried out in genuine distress for the first time. She tried even harder to remain still, struggling now, and hoping it would end soon. Knowing that it shouldn’t end soon. Knowing that she deserved more, far more.


But it did end.  “All over,” Brian told her soothingly, rubbing her back for a moment before helping her up.  Sarah didn’t believe him at first. She needed more, the spanking had been almost enjoyable, easier to take than some of the spankings he’d given her just for fun.  
“All over,” Brian stated again. “It is forgiven, it is over.  We won’t speak of it again.”  Sarah nodded into his chest, and, for the first time, the tears began to flow.

2 thoughts on “Leading and Learning: First Punishment

  1. I think a second time would be very different . It looks like he realised as much as Sarah did that punishments needed to be up an notch from what she received this time.

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