Spanking Dictionary

Amphitheatre- Performance venue designed to enhance the sound of spanking


Autocorrect- A kick to the boot of a misbehaving vehicle.


Bratwurst- the one who needs the hardest spanking. Alternatively, one who needs more practice misbehaving.


Catnap- flogger theft


Countertop- evasive maneuver employed in case of excessive trouble


Dominos- can smell trouble.


Freedom- one not currently engaged in a spanking.  


Hit List- plan of attack at a spanking party


Hither- encouragement for a top. Alternatively, an attempt to displace consequences onto a third party


Laptop- pejorative term for a service top, particularly one of smaller stature.


Random- one exhausted from chasing brats


Seldom- an attempt to both avoid a spanking and make a profit.


Servant- long-winded complaint from a top


Sublime- a sour brat


Submarine- a bottom on a boat


Subpar- the average number of hits required to tame a given brat


Subscribe- one writing lines


Subsidy- ancestral home of bottoms


Utopia- domly heaven



Thanks to @Lilintia for the creative assistance and help getting into the right frame of mind before school starts!

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