Farewell to 2016

2016 has been a very slow year here- perhaps thankfully; there has been plenty else to be getting on with- personally and on a broader level.

Although I haven’t been writing here, I have still been writing under my vanilla name. Many of the developments of this last year have highlighted the importance and need for thoughtful, reasoned discourse on global affairs. I won’t pretend to be qualified to speak authoritatively on these things, but I wish to add what I can to the discussion. I am not a politician, I am not a social scientist, but I have experience from writing here in talking about sensitive issues, in speaking with love, in seeking to understand perspectives and thoughts that run contrary to the values I was taught, in re-evaluating my own positions in light of new understandings. I want to use what I have learned and practised here to contribute what I can in other areas.

I will be returning to this site in 2017. I miss the fun of spanking writing. I miss the connections and friends I have made here (I know I owe responses to several emails- I’ve made something of a dent in this over the last few days, but if I missed yours feel free to give me a good prod). However, I am coming to terms with the fact that sustaining the posting rate I had been for the first couple years won’t be feasible at least for the near future. One substantive post a week seems a more reasonable goal for now- hopefully ramping up once my term as owner of CLASS is up.

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