To the Security Man at Dublin Airport

Thank you for noticing that I’d accidentally left my floggers in the bottom of my backpack. Better you than my parents.

I could have done without the less-than-subtle display and extended Q&A on their identity and use; I’m all for increasing kink-awareness, but the post-screening recombobulation area isn’t an appropriate environment. Again, however, better there than the Christmas dinner table.

12 thoughts on “To the Security Man at Dublin Airport

  1. Reminds me of the time a strap and a tawse was found in my hand luggage and put back through x ray machine and travelled though with other luggage much to my embarrassment. Your story made me smile but glad you fidnt lose them

  2. Just seen this – reminded me of the rather charming Hispanic lady at O’Hare who I think I told you about? But she was much more tactful than your Dublin guy – and much better informed too, it seemed….

  3. Do your parents make a habit of checking carry-on bags before allowing you to join them for dinner?

    1. Not usually. However, they have been known to try to be helpful unpacking. Mainly because I have a tendency to just dump things and sort through the pile later- neither of which would have been good in this case! In any event, they remained safely hidden for the whole trip, and have safely made it home 🙂

  4. I used to work in an airport and it was a standing tradition that if the person on the x-ray screen seen a sex toy they would red flag the bag in the hope of embarrassing either the security person who took it out or the traveller. Pathetic but I guess they were bored.

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