Book of the Month: Uncle Richard’s Disciplinary Regime by Rachel White

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The “floundering young lady rescued by a well-meaning spanking mentor” archetype may be used in many spanking novels, but for good reason. This is one of my favourite types of stories, and of those Uncle Richard’s Disciplinary Regime by Rachel White is a shining example.  After a rocky start at University, Rachel accepts an offer from a friend to join her at Uncle Richard’s house for the weekend to see if his oversight and discipline might help her focus. Here,  she receives a lovely combination of spankings for both academic and domestic failings, and also meets the other girls under his guidance and care. Despite the pain and humiliation of the punishments Uncle Richard imposes, Rachel decides to join the household. She clearly enjoys the bond she has with her adopted uncle and sisters, and benefits from the discipline she receives from her uncle- and occasionally her sisters.

From the publisher:

A despondent Rachel confides in her friend Jenny, telling her about her poor grades. She knows why she has done badly: skipped classes, not enough preparation and studying, and an undisciplined approach to her studies. It turns out that Jenny used to be exactly the same … until she went to live with ‘Uncle’ Richard. Rachel learns that Uncle Richard is not a real uncle, merely a well meaning friend and mentor who provides structure and discipline to the lives of the four female students who share his house and live like sisters. Richard knows about everyone’s assignments and their due dates, and he helps the girls with their coursework, and enforces a study time after supper, along with a curfew and a strict bedtime. If the girls don’t do well in their assignments or if they misbehave, Uncle Richard doesn’t hesitate to administer a sound spanking with his hand or a wooden hairbrush.

When Julie leaves the house it isn’t long before Rachel moves in … and she soon gets her first spanking, which proves to be one of many! But although the arrangement with its rules and standards may appear unconventional, it yields results; not only does it ensure a loving and supportive home life for the girls, it also increases their confidence and provides them with the motivation to do well within their chosen careers.

Available from LSF Publications

2 thoughts on “Book of the Month: Uncle Richard’s Disciplinary Regime by Rachel White

  1. Just downloaded it and am enjoying it – thanks for the recommendation! Only two criticisms. First, why does Uncle Richard never spank on the bare? Second, what I feel it lacks is anything from Uncle R’s point-of-view. True, it’s written from Rachel’s first-person p.o.v. – but it would be easy enough to have some dialogue from him talking about what he gets out of spanking all these compliant young ladies…

    1. Interesting points to consider- the p.o.v part didn’t even occur to me as I read. Something to keep in mind as I write as well . .

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