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LSF have selected one of my stories for publication in Issue 14 of The Spanking Digest. The Spanking Dress was among the first stories I wrote, and still a personal favourite. I was thrilled to hear that it is now available in a new format.

From the publisher:

Celebrating diversity in spanking fiction, this issue of The Spanking Digest features the following stories:

A Good Report Well Received by Clifford Dorset: Miss Tempest submits a late report to Professor Meiklejohn, a man who thrives on punctuality. Although he is pleased with the content, he feels his personal assistant must be held accountable for her tardiness. She submits to a strapping in his office. It is a routine they are both intimately familiar with.

The Spanking Dress by Kia Cera: Eliza buys an expensive yellow dress knowing her husband Ben will see it as an act of defiance, especially since they can’t really afford it. Her guilt is more than she can bear, and she soon confesses everything. Ben lets her keep the dress but requires she wear it for punishment spankings, as a symbol of both her shame and his forgiveness. Through the years the dress serves more than its original purpose for the loving couple.

Spoiled Brat by Fiona Blue: Diane is a spoilt brat who has always got everything she wanted. However she meets her match in student Ned who spanks her. She finds the experience exciting, but her attempt to get Austin at the gym to act similarly doesn’t quite work out as planned.

Girls Gone Wild by Bill Board: Kyrie, Lois and Erin take the opportunity to sneak off on holiday. They are less than honest about where they went or what they got up to whilst away. None of them recall the drunken antics which have been recorded on video, and when their boyfriends find out, the girls are in big trouble. There is a painful price to pay for their slutty behaviour.

Appointment Switch by Carly Burton: When receptionist Marylyn is unwell at work, she asks the cleaning lady to step in for her and cover the reception desk. This leads to a great deal of confusion and mixed up appointments. More than one young lady gets a sore bottom!

Speed Date by Sam Stewart: Cindy meets Dave at a speed dating event while she is working in England. He admits he wants to spank her, and she agrees at first, excited by the idea. But when the idea becomes a painful reality, she storms out and ends their relationship. However, Dave eventually uses his spanking ‘skills’ to keep Cindy and her two roommates in line.

The Tennis Coach by George Hanson: Mr Walsh is known as one of the best tennis coaches in the country, so Vicky counts herself lucky to have enrolled in his Academy. He seems to think she shows promise and that this is a reason for telling her to undress before he spanks her. After a bad performance, it is obviously not going to stop there…

Available from LSF Publications

6 thoughts on “Published in The Spanking Digest

  1. Congratulations Kia, that is an excellent collection and you are deservedly in very good company.

      1. Thanks- I have a few of your books queued up for reading as well! More here on that soon πŸ™‚

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