Book of the Month: Olga Returns to Her Teens by Theo Jones

As part of my celebration of back to school season (that’s something to celebrate even if one isn’t in school, right?) I am featuring Theo Jones’s Olga Returns to her Teens.  I’ve long believed that school would have been much more fun with an adult’s awareness and social skills, and may well be worth the loss of freedom. Olga, at least after settling in, would appears to agree on this point. In her new life there is plenty of spanking, though the new girl is mercifully not always on the receiving end. Each punishment also has a comforting formality and ritual to the experience.

From the publisher:

Olga is twenty-one years old but looks much younger, a fact which is exploited by the underground Resistance who arrange for her I.D. card to show her as being fourteen. She proves her value, carrying messages without arousing suspicion… until the day she is whisked away from the Eastern bloc country to safety in England. In spite of her protests that she is twenty-one, her I.D. indicates otherwise and she is treated like any other naughty fourteen-year-old, with bare bottom spankings and corner time. After spending some time in a holding centre for refugees, Olga is sent to live with foster parents, Dora and Harold.

Being an orphan, Olga finds she quickly adjusts to life with a caring and supportive family. She thrives on the warmth and affection and the feeling of being cared for. She gradually stops trying to persuade everyone of her true age, content for a time to regress a little and enjoy being free of responsibility and the stresses of adulthood. Dora takes her shopping and has her kitted out with a school uniform for St Brides, a school previously attended by Dora’s daughter… who is only too pleased to tell Olga about the corporal punishment she received during her time there. Olga settles in at school and witnesses slipperings and other punishments. Although she manages (for now!) to evade being punished at school, she is punished at home for buying cigarettes, and feels Dora’s hairbrush on her bare bottom. Nevertheless, she is happy and loved and enjoys her new life as a teen.

Available from LSF Publications

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