Non-Fiction Book of the Month: Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns

Recently I’ve been making an effort to read some of the frequently-recommended introductory BDSM guidebooks.  As with many things, quality varies widely.  Some have good advice, some I question. Some read like technical manuals, others are more patronisingly juvenile.  Screw the Roses is written in a style that appealed to me, conversational and funny without talking down to the reader, and also presents a pleasing mix of both the hows and whys of BDSM. Part erotica, part how-to manual,  part memoir, it reads like a conversation with a particularly friendly, experienced munch-goer. The style is unabashedly personal; the authors make it clear from the start that they speak from their own perspective and experience, and while that may not match that of many readers, the same concepts can apply to a wide range of relationships and play styles.


From the publisher:

The classic guide to sadomasochism by two experienced players. This unabashed, entertaining book strips away myth, shame and fear, revealing the truth about an intense form of eroticism too long misunderstood and condemned. It is fully indexed and includes over 225 photos and illustrations, a 250-plus word glossary, appendices with over 650 contacts for SM related clubs, stores, craftspeople and literature.

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