In Other News. . .

supplies gathered in preparation for a branding


One of my favourite aspects of attending kink events is the opportunity to observe, learn, and try practices outside of my primary interest in spanking (there has been plenty of that as well, though 🙂 ).  This is how I came to be aware of- and grow to enjoy electroplay. Even now, I’m not sure if the sensation itself appeals to me. The dynamic I’ve experienced with the top who has been patient enough to explore this with me absolutely does. From the very first time I’d met him at a workshop, I was impressed by his technical knowledge, attention to detail, focus on his play partner, and attitude toward safety and risk assessment (“never say anything is safe. It’s all relative“).  I couldn’t imagine anyone better to explore a practice so alien, enticing, and frightening.

I definitely couldn’t imagine anyone else with whom I’d even entertain a discussion of branding.

Fast forward six months, six thousandish words of PMs, and, after gathering the necessary site preparation and wound care supplies, I was eager to try a temporary brand with the violet wand. I could not be more satisfied with the thorough preparation process he guided me through, his steady hand and calming presence during the branding itself, or indeed the result.


the result


A couple weeks later, the mark has faded to a much fainter line, and likely won’t last much longer. However, that means we soon get to try the whole thing again!

3 thoughts on “In Other News. . .

  1. It was great to see some of the preparations for this and to chat to the person who was about to do it. It’s wonderful to see such planning for an edgy scene from your point of view.
    Good luck for the final permanent one down the line.

  2. explorer3000- Thanks 🙂

    Brian- happy to hear you enjoyed the experience as well! Twas quite the night.

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