Things have been busy here!  Hard to believe that all of May (and most of June) have passed without a post- and to top it off I nearly missed my blogiversary today.

The draft post-folder is bulging though. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a few more new spanky friends (including one who has introduced me to the. . . intensity of intentionally-applied nettles), and have yet more stories to tell there. There are a few Sarah stories in the pipeline which will hopefully be ready for publication before summer is out, and several half-baked reflections that the searing sun should help finish off; I’d much rather be inside writing than outside singeing. DJ Black and Susan Thomas both have published books recently which I have been meaning to review here as well.

On the event side of things, I’m still knee-deep in CLASS, having only just come back from a fantastic weekend at Summer Camp with the formidable Miss Chris and turning around to run another evening event next month. In the meantime, I’m off to Cork tomorrow for a weekend built around the Cork Kink Club, a work-week of nilla, then meeting up again with kinky friends for Dublin Pride.

But for now, this longest-day of the year is finally over for me and I’m heading to bed!

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