Book of the Month: Disciplinary Tales (Issue 7!) by DJ Black


It’s been a busy month (more on that later!), though I did receive the happy news that the 7th issue of Disciplinary Tales, a collection of stories by DJ Black, has been released by LSF Publications. For those, like me, who are missing his A Voice in the Corner blog, this is a lovely walk down memory lane. For others, this is a great introduction to his fantastic writing!


From the publisher:

This issue of Disciplinary Tales features the following stories:

Carrie Undercover: Undercover cop, Cassie, infiltrates the Colossians Baptist Ladies College in Alabama. Her Chief chose her for the role as she’s a petite twenty-five-year-old who can easily pass for eighteen. But things don’t go too well for Cassie when she’s caught snooping one night in the office of the principal’s secretary. Her attempts to find the student register are thwarted when the strict Principal Martin De Mark catches her in the act and canes her on her bare bottom. And that’s only her first punishment – she has yet to feel the bite of the principal’s paddle…

Remonstration: When Martine sees 22 year-old Cathy bent over about to be caned by Braden, she intervenes, claiming Cathy is way too old to be spanked. Braden disagrees – he gives Cathy twelve stingers, and on hearing Martine’s confession, gives her twelve strokes of the cane too.

Soul Mates: Adam is still grief-stricken more than a year after the death of his wife and daughter. Consumed with memories, his reverie is broken by a reckless driver who ends up in a ditch. The young woman, Stacy, reminds him of his daughter. After he gives her a ride home, they discuss discipline, and Stacy realizes that it is what she needs and asks him to spank her. It is a cathartic experience for both of them, and marks a new beginning.

Weird about Spanking: Jan shares her memory of a painful punishment given to her sister and herself by their step-father, Jack, when she was twenty-two and about to leave college. Not only did they take his car without permission, they damaged it and let their sister take the rap for it. When Jack found out, two naughty bare bottoms were spanked in front of the neighbours – a public affair and very memorable!

The Trouble with Cowgirls: Jake returns home the ranch to find his wife Amy outraged about the behaviour of the younger sisters who live with them. Sarah and Emma had been smoking tobacco and caused a fire in the barn. Jake delivers swift and severe justice to their bare backsides, before making the two sisters stand in the corner. Later on he realizes they didn’t cause the fire, someone else did… and that someone will also get a smoking hot butt.

The Tempest: Abby, in a rebellious mood, ignores instructions, skips her chores and finds herself in danger as a tornado nears. Ungrateful and surly after being rescued by Tom, one of her father’s farmhands, she finds herself riding the storm out in a storm cellar as the big man paddles her bare bottom.

Long Live the King: Two female London reporters get themselves into serious trouble when they go to the Fens to investigate a potentially ‘hot’ story. An ancient tradition is upheld deep in the heart of the Fenlands, and there is a vacant position as King. The safety of the two nosey reporters depends very much on who gets the position and therefore decides on their fate. Once the new King is proclaimed, he has his own daughter’s misbehaviour to deal with, and the two reporters limp back to London with very sore bottoms.

A Paddle without a Creek: When Lucy gets paddled at school, her mother Ann recalls how she too was paddled at school and how it has been her secret fantasy ever since. She visits Lucy’s school and complains, rudely, to the Dean about her daughter’s paddling. But on her next visit she apologises and admits she is the one who needs to feel the paddle. Dean Winslow happily obliges, and unexpected changes begin to take shape in Ann’s life.


Available from LSF Publications

4 thoughts on “Book of the Month: Disciplinary Tales (Issue 7!) by DJ Black

  1. I must admit I have never read anything he wrote before. I found it quite enjoyable. I really brought me back to my early days when I couldn’t find enough to read or look at regarding spanking. I thought myself strange at the time. Now all these years later I know there are a lot of us “strange” people out there.
    I recommend it to anyone who hankers back to those days when reading about it was as far as it went and was as much a thrill as in later life actually doing it is.

    1. Can’t recommend his writing highly enough! Magic is easily my favourite- and was the main driver behind getting me to actually meet people in person rather than just reading 😉

  2. Thanks for the plug and the kind words Brian and especially Kia.

    Watch this space for a return of A Voice

    DJ Black

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