Distance Learning: Halloween Detention

Co-Authored with Joost of Bad Girls Need Good Spankings Sarah and David's story began here Sarah looked over the items assembled on the table before her: one notebook, one spatula, six coloured pencils, one pencil sharpener, one tape measure, one plastic ghost, one real jack-o-lantern, and an array of candles. Everything a girl needs for … Continue reading Distance Learning: Halloween Detention

Distance Learning: Solitary Confinement

Co-authored with Joost of Bad Girls Need Good Spankings Sarah's story began here Sarah lit the candles and snapped a quick picture to send to David before settling down to her laptop.  She hoped her disciplinarian would appreciate her efforts to create an atmosphere conducive to the detention he had set.  The spoon was prominently … Continue reading Distance Learning: Solitary Confinement

Long-Distance Discipline – Update

A while back, I indicated that I was about to embark on an experiment with long-distance discipline. I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised (and, at times, pleasantly sore) so far. As I’d seen before, any sort of regular contact with like-minded people is rewarding in itself in most cases. This is … Continue reading Long-Distance Discipline – Update

Losing It- His Perspective

Her perspective can be found here He watched her from across the table, her small, trembling hands picking the drink up over and over, taking the smallest of sips before carefully setting it back down. There was purpose in everything she did, he realised, even the placement of the glass. Each time she set it … Continue reading Losing It- His Perspective


Why did “humiliation” become a bad word? “Humility” has connotations of virtue, whereas as “humiliation” is more like “degrading” (I suppose “degradation” would be the more accurate word to compare it to grammatically. However, as a scientist, that one has chemical connotations that I can’t get over, so you’ll need to excuse the grammar today). … Continue reading Humiliation