The Other Girl

A new chapter of Getting (it) with the Program Girlfriend? Her mentor had a girlfriend? Claire struggled to process this information as she looked back and forth between Katherine and Mike. “Is something the matter?” Mike asked, looking slightly concerned. “N-no, nothing,” Claire managed. “I just remembered something I forgot. I mean, I have to … Continue reading The Other Girl

Toning Things Down

A continuation of Getting (it) with the Program Claire gave up working from her cubicle mid-afternoon and moved herself to the conference room to prepare for her appointment with Mike. She had booked the room herself this time, requested the meeting herself, though that didn't do much to calm her nerves. Even though she saw … Continue reading Toning Things Down

The Spanking Superpower Part 2: Mentoring

After the discovery comes the unveiling, the training, the growing into the type of person one is to become. One may benefit from guidance of another who is more experienced, who has gone through this before and can relate and teach. Someone to help one come to terms with who they are, what that means, … Continue reading The Spanking Superpower Part 2: Mentoring

A Weekend with Uncle Jack

Maggie watched Karen sleep contentedly in the bed on the other side of the room. Sher slept on her stomach, Maggie noted, but didn't seem otherwise bothered by the events of the evening. If anything she seemed more relaxed than she had in the last few weeks. As her roommate, Maggie had become accustomed to … Continue reading A Weekend with Uncle Jack