Finding Home

Her thoughts weren’t toiled or roiling, nothing as violent as that. Just gently lapping waves, unrelenting in their movement and somehow completely incapacitating. Her laptop screen remained blank before her, finally giving into the black darkness of electronic hibernation as her mind floated along with the music, each track dredging up new old memories from … Continue reading Finding Home

Window Shopping

It was the umbrellas that drew her attention. Big, beautiful, colourful umbrellas artfully arranged in the corner window. From across the street, it looked as though someone had frozen a rainbow and set it on display. Even through the scaffolding it was brilliant, drawing her closer. As Leah walked along the window, she marvelled at … Continue reading Window Shopping

The Other Girl

A new chapter of Getting (it) with the Program Girlfriend? Her mentor had a girlfriend? Claire struggled to process this information as she looked back and forth between Katherine and Mike. “Is something the matter?” Mike asked, looking slightly concerned. “N-no, nothing,” Claire managed. “I just remembered something I forgot. I mean, I have to … Continue reading The Other Girl