The Spanking Superpower Part 3: Secrecy

A continuation of the Spanking Superpower series, which started with Discovery and Mentoring. (Due to technical issues it’s taken a bit longer to complete this series than originally intended- the fourth and final part will be posted next week.)

We can’t just go out into the world proclaiming everything about who we are. Some things need to remain hidden. I’ve read many accounts of where this need for secrecy has caused angst or pain, as well as (mercifully fewer) accounts of the issues that arise when this secret leaks out.

But just because something is a secret, it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily shameful. Spiderman, even when recognized as a hero, hides his true identity. There is a long tradition of wizards and other magical beings hiding in plain sight as old and infirm, escaping the notice of those who would compel them to use their powers for evil. And then there’s that telephone box thing.

This is a wonderful thing that we have- something that can give us power if used properly, but something that can be used against us if it is widely known. For better or worse, being known as different in this way will make many daily interactions more difficult.

We have this thing that sets us apart, defines us as different, but we also have the luxury and privilege of keeping it hidden, allowing ourselves to move about freely, unseen for who we really are.  But when the need arises, in a moment of safety and privacy, we can let our guard down and become more than the selves we openly portray.

3 thoughts on “The Spanking Superpower Part 3: Secrecy

  1. Personally, I find a great deal of freedom in letting others know about my enjoyment of spanking. Its a part of who I am and it physically hurts to attempt to connect to others without showing the whole of my being. Not everyone is going to like that part of me but its not a requirement that they do. I’m not going to like everything about everyone else. I feel no one has the right to cast judgment if they haven’t taken the whole of a person into consideration. I’ve worked hard to develop and live up to a belief that others can either accept me as I am for who I am or they can kiss my ass. Their choice.

  2. Ana- it’s the hidden layers that keep things interesting 🙂

    Jennifer- That’s quite brave of you! I admire your willingness to showcase your whole self. Although I’ve never had any negative experiences sharing my interests with a few close friends, I’m still not sure I could be completely open about it. I have a hard enough time getting people to take me seriously sometimes as is!

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