The Spanking Superpower Part 4: Limitations

The final chapter of the Spanking Superpower series, which started with Discovery, Mentoring and Secrecy.

As wonderful as this spanking thing is, it is not the solution to every problem. Sure, the everyday issues can be handled pretty easily, but we’re people just like everyone else.  There is no all-powerful solution.

Things may be going beautifully, but then comes that one thing, the one argument, that particular mood where no amount of spanking would help. This is the kryptonite, the silver bullet, that one thing that keeps us from relying on our old methods to solve problems.

The spanking doesn’t happen then, but that doesn’t make it any less a part of who we are.  It just means that we have the wisdom to see when the situation calls for us to be something different, something more.

And so it should be- this is spanking, not brainwashing.  We are still human and still exercise our will and choice.  To do otherwise would undermine the power of this kind of relationship in the first place. Submission and dominance lose their power when they are applied without regard to the situation.

We who chose this as part of our lives are not weak, and it is in the difficult times that we that we prove this is so. It takes courage to choose this, and it takes courage and wisdom to know when not to use it.

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