Book of the Month: The Reluctant Bride by Susan Thomas


This month’s book is Susan Thomas’s The Reluctant Bride, the first western romance I’ve featured, I believe.

Susan has mastered the depiction of a strong, empowered heroine struggling to embrace her need for discipline. What I found particularly poignant were the other women Ellen meets on her journey who quietly acknowledge and support her as she learns to submit to Ted.

From the publisher:

Ellen’s grandfather wants her to marry wealthy businessman, Hector Monroe – but Ellen does not share his enthusiasm. She values her independence, and besides, her priority is to trace her brother Andrew, who left home six years previously following a disagreement with their grandfather.

Enthused by her quest, Ellen sets out to find Andrew and soon hires the trustworthy Edward (Ted) Kent to assist her. Although Ted admires many of Ellen’s capable qualities and becomes increasingly captivated by the pretty 18-year-old, he also finds her difficult and opinionated and the two of them soon clash. A battle of wills ensues, and Ellen earns herself a well deserved spanking from Ted when she ignores his advice and puts herself at risk. As their relationship develops, more bare bottomed spankings ensue, and Ellen becomes increasingly attracted to this dominant man who disciplines and cares for her. They share many exciting adventures and Ellen gets to demonstrate how capable she is handling a gun. But when Ted proposes marriage, she wavers … for being married would mean giving up what she fiercely clings to – her independence.

Set in America towards the end of the 19th century, this ‘clean’ romance focuses on the domestic discipline relationship between the spirited Ellen and the man in her life, Ted Kent.

Available from LSF Publications

4 thoughts on “Book of the Month: The Reluctant Bride by Susan Thomas

  1. My word Kia that is a lovely review. Thank you very much. Writing a western was a new venture for me (thanks to Flopsy at LSF) and in the end after many struggles I quite enjoyed it. I am currently writing another provisionally entitled “Elizabeth’s Flight.”

    1. Always happy to promote your work! I didn’t realise this was your first western- fantastic work.

      Glad to hear there is another novella on the way-I had noticed the lack of new shorts form you and was going this was the reason. Looking forward to reading it!

  2. I’m not quite sure how I stumbled across Susan Thomas’ writings first. She has written one of my all time favorites (because of plot twists) in The Disciplined Wives of Chapel Island. Although I’m not a fan of cowboy westerns (too clichĂ©d), Ms. Thomas manages to avoid some and finesse others in her The Reluctant Bride. I always appreciate it when the male lead isn’t cast as a bad boy / wild seed. Here, the hero is one most guys will want to know if not emulate.

    Thanks Kia for hosting Ms. Thomas (although I’d already read the book). I agree with you about the “well deserved” spankings. Thank you Ms. Thomas for your creativeness.

    1. Your comment puts my initial review to shame-thanks for sharing your reflection on Susan’s work. I absolutely agree with you-Chapel island is among my favorites.

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