Chateau Corrupto

Originally written as an assignment for a geography class- an essay on “My Favourite Place in Ireland”. Teacher, for some reason, was not impressed.


For me, the best part of Ireland, apart from the pubs, is the castles. It can be difficult to choose a favourite among the quiet isolation of Dunamaise, the imposing edifice of Blarney, the stark weight of Bunratty, the piecemeal charm of Dublin, the sheer majesty of Cashel. However, none of these quite compare to the power and perversion of Chateau Corrupto.

At first glance, it appears unassuming, largely identical to the other houses in the estate, which is itself largely identical to other estates in its quiet corner of Galway. But within the walls of Chateau Corrupto, a clandestine gathering celebrates the allure and intimacy of BDSM.

Here one finds the young and the old, natives and visitors from other enclaves, new converts to this way of being as well as the elder sages who helped define the lifestyle over the years.

Here one can sit with a mug of tea to watch a full suspension, crack open a beer to the crack of a whip, seek instruction in the varied practices and rituals on display. One may spank or be spanked, tie or be tied. One may be shocked – quite literally – at the goings-on.

Strange and mysterious things happen as the hours pass. Orientations that seemed so solid slip into something more supple. Those bespelled by this place may take on roles unimaginable elsewhere. In this space one may find the support and stamina to endure soaring heights of pain and depths of pleasure.

The celebrations continue into the wee house of the morning, discussing, playing, teaching, learning. Inflicting and enduring. Loving. And doing more of the same just after breakfast.

If you go looking for this place, be warned- like many of the most magical places on this isle, it is not easy to find. It is not marked on any maps; it reveals itself only under certain conditions, and only to certain individuals. Seekers should note that its power is strongest between the festivals of Beltane and Lughnasadh. Before attempting to enter this place, one is advised to purge one’s spirit of malice and drama, to renew one’s commitment to respect and consent, and to open one’s mind to new perversions.

With these preparations, and a bit of luck, one may experience the life-altering magic of Chateau Corrupto.


Posted with permission from Count Corrupto himself, and with thanks for all he has done to create this space.

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