Love our Lurkers

I’m a lurker here myself it seems. Getting the first few CLASS events off the ground has proven more time consuming than anticipated, but also far more fun than I’d imagined. 

Still, I miss this place, and will be returning in the new year. To those who have been patiently waiting, thank you! To those who have gotten in touch, thanks for reminding me of the friends I’ve made here- you are very special people. 

To those lurking silently…. you have incredible patience if you’re still here! This is your day to speak up in the comments. I hope some of you will get in touch. 

Note to first time commenters: WordPress automatically hides your comments pending moderation. I’ll keep a close eye on this and approve as soon as I can. If it’s been more than a day and your comment isn’t showing up, send me an email using the “Contact Kia” link above. 

9 thoughts on “Love our Lurkers

  1. Hi Kia,
    I’m glad you will be back soon. I have been waiting, though it has not been patiently! 🙂 I’ve missed your writing. Especially with DJ being gone. I miss his blog a lot. Take care.

  2. Ripley- Thanks, and yes I will be back. A few posts queued up for January at least 🙂 I miss DJ too- he was a huge inspiration.

    Brian, Lilli, Leigh Smith, and Daisy- Thanks!

    Lindy, minellesbreath, and Catrouble- welcome! Hope you enjoyed the visit 🙂

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